Go make open-source projects!

Open-source projects are a great way to increase your code quality and share your work with others. Here are my thoughts on the subject.

Go make open-source projects!

Creating an Open-source project is a great way to give back to the community. However, as many have done before you, it usually is to show off what you did. This is ok. Simply know that by publishing your code/content to the web, you usually improve its quality.

Publishing your code and letting everyone on the web analyze it and judge you isn't an easy task. Many people tend to no publish their code as open source, even, so it is not proprietary.

What is keeping you from publishing your code as an open-source project? Are you ashamed? You shouldn't be!

I publish one of my “most famous” open-source project a year ago. It started as a small personal project, but as soon as I got my first stars on it, it quickly turned into something else. I knew that people liked the idea and were ready to use it. It helped me improve my code, I wanted people to be able to easily use it. I started releasing versions of the code and was eager to answer the issues that were opened on my project.

It really boosted my motivation and made me create an MVP faster than I would have done if it was a private project.

Once V1 was published, I kind of laid back and watched the stars slowly go up. At one time, someone messaged me and said that he was interested in collaborating. Guess what ?! It gave me a new sense and a month later I released version 2 with even more features.

I lost the knack for this project and let it fall down for a bit. People are still staring the project and opening issues, which I tend to quickly. I don't think I'll continue this project. However, having made this project open-source and public really helped me create a better tool that probably helped quite a few people.

Here is to my small contribution to the open-source world! I encourage you to go for it and just ride the wave. I'll be more than happy to help you in your quest to open-source. Don't hesitate to take a look at my projects on github.com/StanGirard :D

Happy open-sourcing!